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Finding a GREAT Wirral accountant

Date : Jan 09, 2017 Category : Accountantcy
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Appointing an accountant for you and your business can be a difficult decision that most of us try to put off for as long as possible! That’s why we’ve put together this simple, must read guide for appointing YOUR Wirral accountant.

Knowledge, Personality & Availability – “The Tremendous Trio”

We believe that knowledge, personality and availability are three of the most vital ingredients when looking to hire a great Wirral accountant – let me explain…….


Most individuals and business owners are looking to use the services of a Wirral Chartered accountant to gain access to their knowledge and experience to; help save tax, get great advice, grow their business and generally help solve business problems. Therefore, knowledge is absolutely key, but what can you look out for to prove how knowledgeable a Wirral accountant actually is?

The first thing to look out for is the accountants qualifications, and we would always recommend looking for the word “CHARTERED” within the accountants name or brand. Whilst this doesn’t always guarantee the quality of the accountants knowledge, it does means that they have put a significant amount of time into training to become a chartered accountant.

KEY TIP: Look out for the words chartered or letters ACA or ACMA after the accountants name.

What if an accountant ISN’T “chartered”?

If the accountant isn’t chartered it may be that they are not formally qualified accountants, believe it or not, ANY individual or business can call themselves “accountants” without being qualified accountants, so it could be that they are experienced accountants rather than qualified, trained, chartered accountants.


Ask yourself this question – if your accountant was technically the best accountant in the world, but had the personality of, well, a cornflake, could you work with them? Probably not.

We believe personality is key – this is YOUR accountant, someone that you should be talking with regularly, discussing your most intimate financial affairs with and looking to for support and advice, this is SO much easier to do when the accountant is friendly and approachable. Even In 2017 there are far too many “stuffy” and “old fashioned” accountants about, so before engaging with an accountant ensure that you can get on with them.

KEY TIP: Speak with the accountant before formally appointing them, can you have a friendly informal chat with them about something other than tax?



Congratulations! At this point you’ve found yourself a technically great accountant, who is chartered AND they’ve got fantastic personalities that you can get on really well with – perfect!

But, how useful are all of those attributes If you can never get hold of your accountant?

Now, whilst your accountant may serve hundreds of other clients including you and cannot always be immediately available, they need to ensure that they ARE actually responding to your emails and calls AND within a reasonable time frame, which isn’t always the case.

KEY TIP: Why not email the accountant with an initial query or request a free initial meeting and see how long they take to respond to you, and how soon they can meet with you?


That’s it! Following these keys steps should really help in appointing your accountant.

And our final tip? Always look for good value rather than the CHEAPEST accountant – as the old saying goes “there is only one thing more expensive than great advice, and that’s correcting poor advice”!


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