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4 Questions You’ll Want To Ask A Solicitor

Date : Jun 24, 2017 Category : Law
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Before you hire a solicitor

You will want to ask them a number of questions. There’s four very important questions you’ll want to ask beforehand. Here are those four questions.

1. Ask your solicitor or prospective solicitor if they have handled cases that are similar to yours. No two cases are exactly alike, but an experienced solicitor would have handled cases that bear similarities to yours.

The last thing you want is to hire an attorney that works on many types of cases because it means they probably aren’t that devoted to the legal area your case falls under.

If a solicitor has handled cases like yours, ask what kind of results they have gotten. You want to make sure the solicitor has a good track record. Make sure you ask this question before anything because it is the most important question you should ask.

2. A highly skilled Lawyer will give you an idea of what the outcome of your case will be, even if the outcome is probably not that good. This means you want to ask a solicitor what they think will happen with your situation/case, but do remember that results are not guaranteed and cases can always end in an unpredictable manner.

However, a good solicitor will asses your case and gather the fact surrounding your case and then they will give you an idea of what the outcome will probably be. If an attorney has a good track record handling similar cases than yours, then they will definitely have a good idea of what the result will be in your case.

3. How will the solicitor communicate with you and who will communicate with you because this is very important to know.

A solicitor that is highly sought after may have one of their colleagues contact you when they have updates regarding your case, while some attorneys may personally contact you. As for the way they communicate with you, some solicitors choose via the phone, email and so forth.

If you’re satisfied with how often you will be updated and the course of communication, then go ahead and consider hiring the injury solicitor.

4. What do you charge and is this the final price? This is probably one of the most important questions that will be on your mind and it should be one of the first ones you ask a solicitor because not all solicitors charge the same fees and rates. A good solicitor will not have hidden fees and the price they quote you will be the price you can expect to pay, so if a solicitor is dodging this question, then keep on looking around for a different solicitor.

Any reputable solicitor will have no problems with telling you how much they charge.

Don’t just hire the first solicitor you come across. Ask the above four questions and compare as many solicitors as you can because not all solicitors are created equal or will work as hard. Afterwards you can decide which one to hire.

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